Where it all began

In the area of ​​Corvilha, in 1970, a region that since the century. Xii housed the main textile production pole in Portugal, a merchant from Covirlhen decided to make a difference.

At a time when little was said about sustainability, Mr Fernando Madeira decided to use waste from fabric and clothing factories and transform them into fibers, that is, raw material for other industries. Thus was born Jomafil, a company committed to promoting sustainability within the textile industry.

Over more than half a century of existence, Jomafil has also developed techniques for the reuse of textile waste for the production of felts that are used in the mattress, automobile, civil construction, footwear and others, reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability through these circular economy mechanisms.

Our purpose


We have been operating in the field of Textile Recycling since 1970, being one of the pioneer companies in this
sector in Portugal


To promote environmental preservation together with other companies and ensure the maintenance of
a circular economy


Seeking to continuously improve our felt production processes from the reuse of of textile waste